I'm Alicja and I'm based in Kraków.

My main mediums are acrylic paint, alcohol inks and resin. That's my ultimate favourite combo but I like to play around and create using anything I can get my hands on (markers, pieces of wood, glues, glitter, old boxes, you name it lol)


I've been experimenting with various crafts and art mediums my whole life, always seeking a way to make pretty things. I was creating cosplay costumes and props, figurines from hot glue and clay, jewelry pieces. I don't remember when was the last day when I didn't at least doodle something. It gives me joy to create and they say you should do things that make you happy hence here I am :)

I'm constantly experimenting, mixing things that shouldn't be mixed or thinking of new ways to achieve unusual effects. 

If you need help with anything art related please let me know, I'm always happy to help!