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Arteza EverBlend Art Markers review

It's time for another Arteza review and this time it's about EverBlend Art Markers.

Arteza was kind enough to send me a set of 120 markers for testing and omgosh it was so much fun to try them out!

First of all set comes in a solid, portable case so all your markers are stored securely in one place, there's even extra space if you want to add more markers in the future. Case has an arm strap, so it's super easy to carry it around.

Colors in my case (picture above) are not in the correct colour order because I already took like half of them out and then didn't notice I put some back in the wrong order. It's fine by me though since they are clearly marked which color is which :) I just wanted to let you know why some colours look out of place.

All markers have their numbers and names on both ends which is super helpful when looking for a particular color. Especially if you're a messy person like me and like to put things in a random order.

I have made little circles for each colour on Mixed Media Pads (also from Arteza) so you can see how wide the range of colours is (also I wanted to test each colour). You can't see it clearly on the photo but all circles are very smooth with no lines visible because those markers blend so beautifully! Blender marker is included (although colours blended great without it too) which is perfect for shading or picking up colour if you've used too much. Because it's picking up color you can also think of some clever way to add pattern or special effects to your artwork with it.

I was testing them on Mixed Media pads from Arteza, colours didn't bleed much on the paper so you can achieve sharp lines but they did soak through to the other side - that's normal with alcohol markers though. Just something to remember.

As always with Arteza, colours are super rich and vibrant which I absolutely love.

All markers are double-sided, one side has a fine tip for details while other side is a chisel tip.

Happy to say there were no dried out pens in the case, all colours were in a perfect condition.

Because I love to experiment and try painting mediums in any possible way I have decided to use them as I normally would use alcohol inks (markers are alcohol based so it only makes sense right?). You can see video from my experimentation below (the only alcohol ink used in the video is a gold one at the very end for an extra shine, all other colours are achieved with Arteza Markers):

They work really well when diluted with high % alcohol, colours mix together beautifully you just need to stop yourself from using too many colours at the same time (there are so many to choose from it's really not easy to stop)

It was very fun to try then that way and I'll definitely experiment more. If you were wondering if it's possible to use alcohol markers for abstract alcohol ink art then definitely it is and you should try it.

To sum up: it's a beautiful set with a huge range of colours, great for anything from painting on paper to spreading it on ceramic tiles (it's used on waterproof paper in the video but I have achieved same results on ceramic tiles). My main mediums are acrylic paints and alcohol inks, but Arteza Everblend markers were super easy and fun to use. I will definitely use them more and try to find new ways to add them to my existing projects. That's why I can recommend this set to everyone no matter what your level of experience is.


Hope you enjoyed reading this blog post,

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