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Easy decorative basket tutorial

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Here's a very easy tutorial on how to make a decorative basket with only alcohol inks and 1 sheet of yupo paper :)

Materials needed:

  • alcohol inks, (I'm using Aura series from Renesans)

  • yupo paper (I'm using Lava series from Renesans)

  • porporina or metallic dry pigment

  • blender for diluting inks, for example one from Aura series

  • scissors

  • latex gloves (gotta protect your hands :))

  • two sided tape

Step 1: Dye your sheet of yupo paper with alcohol inks, use some porporina or other pigment for nice shimmery details

Step 2: Once paper is ready cut it into a square, then cut each corner for around 8cm diagonal

Step 3: Wrap each of the cut corners around its neighboring corner (if that makes sense) and attach it with 2 sided tape

And that's it! Tadaaaaaaam! Easy right? :) Now all is left is to fill basket with for example dry flowers :)


Hope you enjoyed reading this blog post.

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