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Handmade earrings with synthetic paper and watercolors

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Summer is getting closer so why not make yourself a pretty, summer-ish accessories like super easy to make handmade earrings? Great project for kids or grown ups :)

All you need is:

  • Synthetic paper, like the one used for alcohol inks

  • Watercolor paints

  • Brush

  • Gold marker

  • Earring Clasps

  • Scissors

  • Big needle

  • Water

Step 1: Cut out any shape you want for your earrings from the synthetic paper, I went for leaf / water drop shape

Step 2: Paint your pieces with watercolors. I decided to go for pink and yellow. You can go completely color crazy here or even paint a beautiful mini landscape.

Optionally: with a gold marker decorate sides of your earrings, everything is better with gold ;)

Step 3: Pierce your painted pieces with a needle and attach them to Earring Claps

And that's it! Super easy right? :)


Hope you enjoyed reading this blog post,

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