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How I create my coasters

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

I have already made a video series about how to create coasters but in case you missed it here are some highlights + videos with more details :)

1. Get a good, sturdy base

I usually use wooden tiles, they are sturdy and don't bend under paint and resin.

2. Protect the 'other side'

Make sure to tape backside with masking tape, that way any dripped off paint or resin will be easier to remove. Still, some sanding might be required :) Always keep sanding paper at hand.

3. Get super creative with acrylic paint

If you pour paint over your piece and it doesn't look quite right - start again. Until you seal it with resin, you can still fix all mistakes. Get super creative and have fun!

4. Mix your resin well!

Mix your resin in proportions listed on the bottle and mix for at least 3 minutes. If it gets boring watch youtube videos while stirring ;)

5. Check your surface

Make sure your painted coaster is laid on a flat surface and no dust or random bits are stuck to it. Don't pour too much resin on your 1st layer, if empty spaces appear - don't stress, it will be easily fixed with the second layer of resin.

6. Clean up your coaster

After 2nd layer of resin has dried you can remove the masking tape and then sand sides and back to make sure it's nice and smooth. You can attach felt pads straight away or paint back and sides with your choice of color (during the filming of this video I made back side dark but currently I'm painting both sides and back gold for that extra pretty shine 🔥


Hope you enjoyed reading this blog post,

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