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Let's pooourrrr: Swipe Technique

Swipe technique is my absolute favourite. Not only you can control where colors will appear but also in which direction and shape. Can there be anything better? ;)

In the beginning there was chaos... from chaos color emerged :O

Swipe technique really does look like a messy chaos in the beginning.

What you will need are:

  • gloves

  • clothes you don't mind getting dirty

  • water

  • silicone spray (I recommend this one: K2 Silicone Spray)

  • acrylic paint (my fav would be from Arteza or Amsterdam)

  • paper cups and some stirrers (ex. spoons)

  • desk covered in foil or secured in some other way

  • masking tape to secure back of your paintings

  • heat gun or a torch

  • wet wipes or paper towels (they don't need to be wet, I just prefer it like that but test wet and dry ones to see which ones work better for you)


  1. Tape back of your paintings to secure it from dripped paint

  2. Mix acrylic paint with water until you get silky smooth consistency

  3. Add a bit of silicone to each paint cup

  4. Pour paint on your canvas in any shape you want

  5. Swipe with wet wipe

  6. Heat up with heat gun

Sounds simple right? This video will show it in more details:

You don't really need a wet wipe, you can use anything to swipe from plastic covers, cardboard boxes, fingers, random objects you have at your home... that's what makes it so fun! Sky is the limit (or rather number of object you have around you).

You can also swipe from the middle, from the side, you can draw shapes... honestly, just go bananas with it.

Here's another video showing you what you could possibly do:

This technique can be combined with other techniques. It's also great when your flip cup painting doesn't come out quite as you wanted... swipe can fix most of the paintings that didn't pour right.

It's all about having fun so grab some acrylic paint, create, experiment and enjoy!


Hope you enjoyed reading this blog post,

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