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fluid art workshop - painting with epoxy resin


The workshop is perfect for everyone, regardless of epoxy and painting experience. I will cover everything from scratch. The goal is, above all, to have fun, rest after a whole week of work and, of course, to create something that you can proudly hang over the bed.


Makerspace Kraków,

Obrońców Modlina 5

How to get a spot

Send an email on

If there is a space available for the nearest workshop you will get details on how to pay (bank transfer) and if currently there's no available space you will be added to the waiting list.

Workshop duration

3.5-4 hours depending on the group speed

Do you need an invoice?

If you need a business invoice you need to notify me BEFORE the workshop and send me your NIP number.


460zł per person

When can I pick up my painting?

You will need to leave all the paintings in the studio. Once they are cured I will email you so you can pick it up. You have 6 months to pick up your paintings.

What is included in the price:

  • 3x 25cm/35cm square base

  • self-leveling epoxy resin (2 types with different viscosity so you can learn about differences)

  • discount code for the purchase of resin after the workshop

  • a wide range of pigment colors, metallic micca powder, inks and dyes (various companies)

  • artistic glass (crystals), artistic sand, shells, gold foil

  • protective materials, such as gloves, disposable apron, wet wipes or paint foil to secure the workplace

  • paper cups, resin mixing sticks

  • tools such as a heat gun and a level

During the workshop, I will show you how to dye the resin in various ways and how to achieve the wonderful effect of golden finishes. I will teach you how to get rid of air bubbles, what to pay attention to when measuring the resin and pouring it on various materials. First of all, it will teach you what not to do, and what I have learned through many trial and error sessions. Each of you will create a work in the colors of your choice - I will only show you the techniques and I will help you in the process.


The workshop is intended for adults only.

It is recommended to come in a respiratory painters mask with organic filters - these are masks recommended for working with resin.

A few words about me:

I am hosting fluid art workshops in Krakow for over 2 years now and there have already been about 230 people at my workshops.

Fluid art is my great passion, I learned all the techniques myself by making mistakes and experimenting a lot, especially since when I fist started, there were not many products for fluid art on the Polish market so I had to invent replacements. Thanks to this, I know what not to do and what to use to get beautiful results. Although now it's easy to get products, I am still experimenting because it gives me the greatest joy.

I have been creating fluid art for over 4 years now, but my love to create started when I was a small child. I love to create in various techniques and with many medias, I even carved chalk and butter figures: D

My goal is, above all, to convey to you the joy of creation and to show you that art, especially abstract art, is really for everyone.

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