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Pour painting workshop

16 November at 12:00 in specialty coffee roasters BeMyBean in Krakow I will be hosting pour painting workshop. 

Please note this workshop will be held in Polish language - English workshop date will be different (determined in the next few days)

To check my pour painting creations please check my instagram page: - we will be creating something similar to what you can see here!

How long does it last: 2 hours
Price: 165 zł
Where: BeMyBean, ul. Na Dołach 8, Krakow


Pour painting is very special - instead of brushes we will be using cups, wet wipes, pieces of wood, silicone and heat gun. During workshop I will be teaching you 2 easiest techniques: flip cup and pour (I will show you other techniques as well but it's up to you if you want to try them during workshop)


Workshop is perfect for anyone, it doesn't matter how experienced you are with acrylic paints or painting. The goal is to have fun and relax after a whole week at work: with cup of great coffee in hand and a bit of unconventional creativity!

In the workshop price you get:

- 30/40cm canvas and 18/24cm painting board

- 2 small plywood pieces (10/10cm)

- high quality acrylic paints, including beautiful gold used for details

- secure workspace - you will receive nylon gloves (few pairs), apron, painters tape for protecting canvases, wet wipes. Your desk will be protected with a painters foil

- paper cups and mixing sticks

- you will be able to use silicone in spray and heat gun - both needed to achieve cells effect

In the workshop price you will receive a cup of any coffee from BeMyBean.

Please be aware paintings will need to rest/dry whole weekend at BeMyBean and you will be able to collect them earliest on Monday morning.


To register please send an email to to receive account number on which you will need to pay advance of 50zl. Rest can be paid either through bank transfer or in cash in person before workshop starts. If you require invoice for this workshop please state that in your email so I can prepare all necessary paperwork in advance.

Examples of pour paintings:

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