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Let's create decorations with Arteza products

Updated: Oct 12, 2019

Autumn and Winter are coming! 😱 Which means... Halloween and Christmas decorations! (and Octoberfest etc depending on where you live). I decided to try making little decorations and for that I have used 3 Arteza products which I chose for that specific reason.

Today's review is of: Arteza Wood Slices

I found out about Arteza wood slices by accident while browsing Instagram and knew straight away I had to try them.

They come in a box of 45, all have pre-cut holes and come with a twine! You can create and hang them straight away. They have various sizes, from very small to big ones, are super smooth and have real bark on sides. I had sooo much fun painting them and some I'm going to leave blank just because they're so pretty even without paint. They hold paint really well and I am totally going to turn them into Christmas decorations for friends. What I really love as well is that you can see wood texture through the paint, gives it a very natural feel.

I painted them with acrylic paints from the outdoor Arteza set. Colors are beautiful, very rich and what I found adorable they don't have normal names like Blue or Red... Nope, they have names like Lizard Green, Candy Apple or Amethyst (I mean who wouldn't want to paint with Candy Apple right?). That's a really nice touch. They come in small bottles with caps, easy to squeeze and store. One thing game me a hard time though... foil protecting bottle caps... the ones you have to take off to open paints for the first time. They are pretty snug but here's a little tip for you: unscrew cap and push foil down - that's the easiest and fastest way to get it off. Paint works very well for normal paintings or in pours, I didn't use pouring medium, just water was enough. They are self-sealing and scruff-resistant, so will work great for wood or stone projects.

For painting small details on wood slices I chose Detail Paint Brush Set. I read good reviews about them and was not disappointed. They are light, easy to work with and easy to clean. They retain their shape even after heavy use... I was pretty much butchering them for my first tries haha.

I had tons of fun creating my decorations and I can't wait to create more! As always, quality of Arteza products is top notch and would be a perfect gift for anyone into art.


Hope you enjoyed reading this blog post,

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