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Metallic paints - sparkle! sparkle everywhere!!

Updated: Oct 12, 2019

It's time to review more of Arteza products! Yay 🐼 For this piece I've used colors from the Metallic Acrylic Artist Paint Set (36 Colors, 22ml/0.74oz) + colors from Arteza Acrylic Paint set (non metallic) on Arteza Canvas Panel.

Let's start with panels. They are a great alternative to canvases: light yet sturdy + paint sticks to them well (if I may describe it like that). I use panels if I want to create smaller pieces as gifts or just try new techniques - Arteza panels worked really well for me... I used all 10 from the pack in 2 days lol.

Now as for the metallic paints... If you've been following me for a bit you know I am addicted to metallic colors. I fell sad if I'm not using at least tiny bit of gold in every painting I make. So you can imagine how excited I was. There's so many colors to choose from you can get lost, absolute heaven for someone like me. I mixed them with water, no pouring medium and a small tip for those paints: use very little water, add tiny bit, mix... add a bit more water, mix... until you get silky, smooth consistency. At first I've added my usual ratio of water and was crying because paint was too watery. Luckily I learned quickly so not much paint was wasted. Paints are highly shimmery and colors are very intense, something I love about Arteza in general - colors are absolutely gorgeous. They work well not only in pours but also as paint for canvas sides or back of coasters :) yep, I'm applying them everywhere 🥰

Paints come in small trays which makes it easier to store and keep workplace tiny.

To sum up: Panels - absolutely great, perfect for trying out techniques or creating smaller pieces (also I prefer panels if I'm covering piece in resin, I'm always scared canvas will bend while panels are much more sturdy and flat)

Metallic paints - I'm a massive fan. Big selection of colors to choose from, they shimmer like crazy and produce beautiful rich color. I just wish tubes were bigger :)


Hope you enjoyed reading this blog post,

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