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Happiness is new paints!

Updated: Oct 12, 2019

Happiness is shoooeeesss... no wait, I mean happiness is new paints!

Here's a little review of Arteza products I used for this painting:

First of all I need to mention packaging. Both paint sets come in boxes and the 60 piece one has all paints divided into trays of 6 which makes it super easy to store and keep my workplace tidy. It's a big deal for me since my paints are usually all over the place.

The 14 piece set come in pouches. I have not had paints in pouches before so it was a nice change. They are easy to squeeze and open/close without making any mess - big plus.

Canvas I have used is super light with good, not too bumpy texture so even a thin layer of paint poured over looks great. Canvas wedges were not included but I found they weren't really needed since canvas was well stretched over a wooden frame.

I have mixed paints from both paint sets to create this piece. When combined with pouring medium and a bit of water they become silky and smooth very quickly (adding just water, no medium works too but require much more time trying to balance perfect water to paint ratio). What really surprised me is how strongly this paint reacted to the silicone spray I'm using - cells popped all over in dozens. It makes pours so much prettier and so much more fun! Colors are gorgeously vibrant and pearl series... omg the pearl series. I always say how gold is my favorite, well now pearl blue might take its place! It's like gold but blue 😱

Paint dries glossy, which makes colors even more vibrant and has a silky feeling to the touch. Dry time is a bit long, usually takes about 2-3 days for my paintings to dry, this one took about 4.5 days but it's not a biggie, you just need to make sure you give it a bit more time to settle.

I had SO MUCH fun while working with Arteza products and I gasp at amazingly vibrant colors each time I pass my new creations (will post them over the next few days). The one from the photo already proudly hangs in my living room 🥰


Hope you enjoyed reading this blog post,

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