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In this workshop, I will show you everything I have learned during my few years of creating pour paintings (almost daily).

I will teach you what to do, what to avoid  and how to deal with paintings that might now look quite right in the beginning.

80 minutes of workshop might not sound long but many fragments are sped up, so you won't need to watch me prepare paint for like 20 minutes - I will show you how to do it once and you can always go back to that lesson (that 80 minutes of course is extracted/sped up out of little over 4 hours of videos).


During this workshop I will show you how to create 16 paintings on canvas, wooden pieces, cardboard, and even on a piece of a shelf - it's important for me to show you that you can pour on anything. I will show you how to use acrylic skins, how to repaint painting a bit after it's dry and what to do with cracked paint. After you finish this workshop you should be able to create beautiful paintings and create your own techniques.

Please be aware that I'm not a native speaker but course includes built-in subtitles.

After the purchase you can access your course by going your user panel and selecting 'Courses'. You might need to relog before first use.

pour painting online course

Pour Painting - Quick Course Recap

Pour Painting - Quick Course Recap

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course sections:


Part 1

Intro and what we shall need for pour paintings


Part 2: Let's start!

  • A few words about colours

  • Perfect paint consistency

  • Creating 4 big and few small paintings

  • Techniques: Flip Cup (+ modification), Swipe (+ modification) and Dip

  • Paintings created without pouring medium but with silicone oil


Part 3: More techniques

  • Paintings created with pouring medium and silicone spray

  • Creating 5 big ones and few small paintings

  • Techniques: Middle Swipe Freestyle, Open Cup, Dirty Pour, Tree Ring Pour, Freestyle Pour, Paint Kiss

  • Using synthetic paper in pour paintings

  • Using various surfaces


Part 4: Not commonly used techniques

  • Using various tools for patterns

  • Creating 3 big one and 2 small paintings


Part 5: Additional stuff

  • Using acrylic skins

  • Protecting your paintings

  • Masking tape

  • How to dry your paintings correctly

  • What to do with paint cracks

80 minutes

Workshop is sped up in many places to give you as much information as possible in that timeframe.

16 paintings

I will show you how to create 16 paintings using various methods and surfaces

various methods

During this workshop, I will show you not only common methods but also those that you don't see too often. My goal is to make you confident in creating your own techniques


We stay in touch! If you have any questions you can catch me on Instagram or through an email

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